Saxum 2003

New version of our numerology component released

We have published version 2.1.0 of Saxum Numerology component which contains a lot of features that you have already known from our other spiritual components.


  • With payment plugind you can provide your numerology readings for a fee on your site.
  • Displayed reading or report can be saved into PDF file. For this feature it is required to have a PDF generator installed in Joomla. For example with this method or Phoca PDF.
  • Search engine friendly URL-s in the component
  • Hitcounter - the component can count how many times visitors used the types
  • The component handles the core menu item parameters, such as Page display options and metadata options.

Download new version here:

Documentation has changed with the new enhancements, available here.

Joomla!3 compatible version of the component is coming soon, stay tuned.


If you find our extensions useful, please support the development and make a donation. Thank you.

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