Saxum 2003

Draw natal chart with Saxum Astro component

From the version 3.2, functionality of Saxum Astro component can be extended by plugins.

We published the first plugin for this purpose. With Natal Chart plugin you can display natal chart, which is commonly used in Western astrology, to the visitors of your site.

Visitors have to input their exact birth data: time and location. The extension calculates the position of planets from these data and draws the natal chart.

For example like this:natalchart

The extension uses the application Swiss Ephemeris developed by Astrodienst to calculate the position of celestial objects. To draw the chart from calculated data we adapted the free PHP scripts created by Allen Edwall to Joomla CMS.

You can find detailed manual about configuration options in Documentation menu. 

You can download the plugin here:


If you find our extensions useful, please support the development and make a donation. Thank you.

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