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Our company, Saxum 2003 Bt., is a software company specialising in the Joomla! Content Management System. Our high quality extensions are free, published under GPL licence and available on this site. Their documentation are free of charge also. 

If you need a new, unique extension or need help with your Joomla site, do not hesitate to contact us.


Saxum Picker is a free component for Joomla. If you want to offer a choice to your visitors to choose elements from a set and evaluate their selection, you need it.

The component first of all was developed to model drawing from cards (i.e. divination using a deck of cards), but it is excellent for dealing with any other sets: for example "thimble and pea" game, choosing from colored balls, etc.

For the elements of the sets images and description can be freely uploaded and written.  While the visitor chooses from the elements, they are hidden of course; the covering image can be uploaded too.  It can be set, how many elements should be selected by the visitor.  It can be defined that selected elements should be evaluated one by one or all together, and the order of the selection of the elements should count or no. The text of the evaluation can be freely edited.

Users can save or send the result to a given email address, they can share it on Facebook or on Google+. They can see saved evaluations, results in another menu: every user can see his own results. At the back-end all saved evaluation can be seen.

There is an opportunity with the usage of plugins to show result to users only after payment.

Installation and settings

Download the Saxum Picker component from the Saxum 2003 download site. You get a ZIP file. Login into your Joomla administration site and follow these steps:

Go to the Extensions » Extension Manager » Install menu.  You can:

  • Upload Package File - select the Saxum Picker component ZIP file from your disc and click on Upload File&Install.
  • Install from Directory - you can upload  Saxum Picker component ZIP file into your server directory and install it from this directory
  • Install from URL - you can install it from another URL.

In Components » Saxum Picker » Control Panel menu you can click on Options button and enable the hitcounter (how many times visitors used the configured types) and the opportunity of Facebook and Google+ sharing.

Administrator menus

After installation of the component you can find in the Saxum Picker menu the following submenus:

  • Sets
  • Items
  • Types
  • Evaluations
  • Saved results
  • About

Screens opening from the submenus can be opened from the component's Control Panel too.

Sets and their elements

In the Sets menu you have to define the sets from which elements we would like the visitor of the website to choose. On the site the starting page of the component shows the elements covered (for example we see the back of the cards). In the Reverse field can be set what image should cover the elements (how back of the cards sholud look like). The image can be uploaded. In the same way can be set what image should appear instead of the reverse image when the visitor move the pointer of the mouse over the element or click on it.

In the Items menu you can be set the elements of the Sets. The name of the elements can be defined and the image of the element can be uploaded too.

Types and evaluations

In the Types menu the starting page of the component can be set up that appears on the website. Parameters in this menu defines what visitors see at first on the public site (front-end) in the given menu.

Name: title of the page.

Set: from what set's elements can choose the visitors

Pieces: how many elements should be selected

Description: introduction, instructions

On the other hand the method of the evaluation has to be defined in this menu: the selected elements should be evaluated one by one or all together, and the order of the selections should count or no.

It is configurable that evaluation can be seen free of charge or only after payment. Payment type is 'Free' by default, but the dropdown list can be extended by plugins. If you choose a plugin, you can set the options of the payment: price, currency, tax rate, action after payment and what data users have to give before the payment.

In the Evaluation menu evaluations should be set. When you record a new evaluation you have to choose a type at first. Setting-page of the evaluation depends on the parameters of the type:

  • evaluate elements one by one and order does not count - only one element should be set
  • evaluate elements one by one and order counts - one element and its position should be set
  • evaluate elements all together and order does not count - as many elements should be set as it is defined at the type
  • evaluate elements all together and order counts - elements should be set to the proper positions

Text of the evaluation is freely editable.

Creating menu item

To insert the component into your site you have to create a new menu item. The type of the menu item should be Saxum Picker, the layout should be Picker.

At Required Settings you have to select the type that you want to show in the menu.

You can define the following options:

Basic options:

  • Layout: layout of the selector and evaluation screen should be default or determined by a plugin
  • Number of shuffles: how many times should be the set (deck of cards) shuffled
  • Number of rows: in how many rows should appear the (hidden) elements of the set
  • Alignment: the (hidden) elements of the set should be arranged left, right or center
  • Reshuffle: will Reshuffle button be displayed?
  • Choose for me: will Choose for me button be displayed?
  • Evaluation button: If 'Yes', evaluation button is displayed. If 'No', evaluation is automatically displayed after the last element is picked.
  • Question: it displays a textarea input field, where user can ask a question (it makes sense in case of tarot)
  • Covering: what degree (in percent) should the elements (cards) cover each other
  • Deviation: maximum deviation from the value of Covering
  • Rotation: should the (hidden) elements be rotated?
  • Angle: maximum angle of the Rotation

Result screen options:

  • Try again: will Try again button be displayed on result screen?
  • Send: displays a button that allows the user to send the result to the email address that he gave at the registration. This option only works if the Mail settings are correctly filled on the Server tab of the Site » Global Configuration menu.
  • Save: displays a button that allows the user to save the result. Saved results, evaluations can be viewed in another menu.
  • Send saved ID in email: after saving the component can send the saved ID in email to the user, which can be used for view the result later.
  • Maximum number of images per line

In addition, on the Options screen on the Permissions tab, which can be accessed from Control Panel of the component, besides core Joomla permissions, you can find "Create PDF" right. If it is allowed to a group of users, they can export generated result into PDF file. (For the working of this feature it is required to have a PDF generator installed in Joomla. For example with this method or Phoca PDF.)

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